Oil To Gas Conversions

In South and Central New Jersey

Many homeowners in South and Central New Jersey are happy to find gas becoming available in their area. If you are considering a conversion from oil to gas heat, the team at Shamrock Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. can help you make the switch! 

Gas furnaces are a dependable heat source that your family can count on. The benefits of switching include lower utility costs, more consistent home temperatures, lower maintenance costs, and no more expensive oil fill-ups. 


Save Money

Gas furnaces can save homeowners money in more ways than one. Gas is more energy efficient than oil, which will help you keep utility costs low. Additionally, gas furnaces often cost less to maintain than oil furnaces and do not build up messy soot. 

A More Comfortable Home

Unlike oil furnaces, gas furnaces heatmore evenly, giving you a consistent temperature throughout you home. 

Free In-Home Estimates

Our sales team visits every customer for a free in-home estimate. This visit usually takes between a half hour and an hour, during which our sales representative will take any necessary measurements, check system compatibility, map out existing gas lines, and go over any requirements for your installation to be up to local codes.

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Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have or to schedule your free in home estimate.

Can you run new gas lines?

Yes, we can! As long as gas is in your area, we have all the tool necessary to run a new gas line and convert your home.

I currently have an electric heat pump, can that be converted?

We do convert heat pump systems to gas as well. Please reach out to our team at 609-859-2424 for more information!

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